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The Hypnobirthing Method with Julie


If you wish to try and reduce your reliance on painkillers during childbirth, hypnobirthing is a great option.

To offer you the best support available, I recommend that you begin hypnobirthing classes any time from halfway through your pregnancy to eight weeks before your expected due date. This gives you time to fully understand and become comfortable with the processes of hypnobirthing so they feel completely natural to both you and your birthing partner by the time your due date comes around.

Hypnobirthing teaches techniques designed to overcome the negative associations that women often have during pregnancy, such as the fear of pain during labour and being able to control their own pain. As such, many women and their birthing partners find that they have better results by taking part in a one-to-one course. Not only does this make it more relaxing for the parents-to-be, but I find that both partners feel more comfortable asking questions, discussing their fears openly and making themselves completely aware of everything involved with a hypnobirth. This means that by the time labour begins, the techniques involved will have become second nature to the couple. I offer both group and one-to-one classes in Staffordshire.

No matter how you learn or prepare for your hypnobirth, the more you commit to it and understand the process involved, the more likely it will be that you may not need rely on the forms of medication that leave many women feeling disconnected with their birthing experience.

About the Hypnobirthing Course

You will not only learn about the mechanics of giving birth, but you and your birthing partner will receive support for everything you’ll need to know when you go into labour. Together, we will explore all stages of pregnancy, from pre-ntal and birthing to post-natal, we’ll find your optimum birthing position, and I will provide you and your birthing partner with the information required to enable you to speak confidently with medical staff about your wishes and options.

We will also cover a series of exercises focusing on breathing, massage and self-hypnosis which you can use throughout your pregnancy and the birthing process to help relaxation. It is these exercises which can then help you to overcome the need for medication during birth. There will also be exercises which show the importance of feeling bonded with your baby and how you and your birthing partner can perform specific roles throughout the pregnancy.

There will also be classes designed to help the mother prepare for the events that will take place before you have your baby, including information on pain, how the expectation of pain can affect the body and the muscles used during labour. For the birthing partner, we will also cover how best to support and help the mother so they understand that they are also an integral part of the birth.

Focus will als be placed on reducing the effects of stress of the unborn child. There has been a lot of research done regarding stress on the children in the womb and how this can affect early development; by understanding your mindset and how best to relax it, you can reduce your stress levels and any longer-term problems associated with it.

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  • My husband and I attended one of your courses, and later went on to experience the most amazing and calm birth of our daughter.  It was everything we had hoped for, peaceful, quiet, a really wonderful, amazing but also humbling experience.